We care and contribute to the health and education of the communities in which we work and live for sustainable mutual benefits.

Karania Foundation increases host capacity for Mji Wa Huruma Home For the Elderly

The Karania Foundation, instituted by the owners of Kapa Oil Refineries Ltd has opened a new men’s hostel for the Mji Wa Huruma home for the elderly in Gigiri on 22nd February 2013 in Nairobi. This initiative is in line with the Kapa Oil Refineries Ltd corporate social responsibility which supports various community projects all over Kenya.

Mji Wa Huruma home for the elderly was first established in 1963 in Bahati estate then later moved to Gigiri in 1968 due to the increased population which therefore required an expansive location.

The home is now under the management of the Department of Social Services and Housing, under the City Council of Nairobi Family Welfare Section. The elderly’s home currently hosts 44 people aged between 69 and 102 years old. Over the years, the demand for such facilities has amplified due to the rising number of abandoned elderly.

Karania Foundation has been donating to the home and funded its latest project of a new men’s hostel that can host a capacity of 26 occupants. This project started in October 2012 for a cost of Ksh. 5 million. “Our focus is not only to contribute to the citizenship of our brand, whether it is doing the right things socially, economically and environmentally but to ensure that we continually do work that contributes to society for a sustainable future. It is indeed a great joy for Karania Foundation to hand over this building to the City Council Department of Social Services today”, says Mohanlal D. Karania.

In the near future, the elderly’s home wishes to start sustainable projects in order to provide better services such as owning an ambulance to facilitate the different journeys to the hospital for the residents.

Kapa Oil Refineries Ltd also gives a monthly contribution to Thomas Barnado House of products as Tilly Cooking Fat, Prestige Margarine, Rina Veg Cooking Oil, Toss White Detergent Powder and Jamaa Laundry Bars in bulk. This children’s home in Langata takes care of over 200 children in Nairobi.

The Company was also monumental in the construction of Mlolongo Primary school in Mavoko which has brought the dream of education to many deserving children in and around that area.