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Simplex Tissues

Simplex Toilet Paper

Simplex toilet paper is a 2 ply high quality tissue made from recycled material. It comes in 2 roll sizes, 200 and 150 sheets.

Did you know?

  • Larger roll – our 200 sheet roll is larger than the rolls in the market giving you better value for money. The 150 sheet role comes very close if not similar in size to the market offerings as well.
  • Softer and whiter – high quality recycled toilet paper.
  • Glued 2 ply sheets – Simplex has an adhesive in between the sheets, which prevents the sheets from splitting and having sheet mismatches.
  • Perforations – We are using a special blade for a clean cut every time.
  • Embossing – High end plate used to create the ultimate feel SKUS available:
    • 1 pack x 40 (40pcs)
    • 2 pack x 20 (40pcs)
    • 4 pack x 10 (40pcs)
    • 10 pack x 4 (40pcs)
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