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Kiberiti Inayodumu

Since the invention of fire, man strives for possibility and exploration. The desire to push boundaries stretches our imagination beyond limits known to us. In the same light, on our quest for transformative innovation, we have introduced Solio matches – a premium brand of safety matches crafted for the future.

Each box contains an average of 60 waxed sticks each with a pink head that sparks instant attractiveness. The matchbox is yellow in colour and features a Maasai Moran- a constant symbol of Solio’s strength, durability and resilience.

Did you know?

  • The following unique product features distinguish its head and shoulders above the competition;
  • Water Resistant – the first matches in the market that light despite exposure to water. This feature is due to progressive, future oriented waxing techniques.
  • Long lasting – the matches light for extended periods enabling you to fulfil your lighting needs.
  • Longer Splint – which facilitates ease of handling while lighting, cooking implements, campfires or cigarettes. It’s also a crucial protective element on your fingers preventing them from burning.
  • Even, Gentle Burning – the precise application of paraffin wax regulates the flame creating a larger evenly burned flame.
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