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Unwrapping the Joy of Christmas Travel in Kenya: Hacks and tips

Unwrapping the Joy of Christmas Travel in Kenya: Hacks and tips

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread the holiday cheer than embarking on a Christmas adventure in the beautiful landscapes of Kenya? Maybe you’ve waited all year to just take that trip. As you plan your festive getaway, be it the coast, the bush or even the countryside here are some travel hacks and tips tailored just for you.

1. Beat the Traffic Grinch: Plan Early, Travel Early
Kenya’s roadways can get as busy as Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve. To avoid getting stuck in a the notorious traffic mess that comes with the last minute rush, plan your journeys during off-peak hours. Early morning travels can be surprisingly peaceful, allowing you to reach your destination with holiday serenity intact.

2. ‘Matatu’ Magic: Embrace the Local Experience
Ditch the fancy rides and hop on a ‘matatu’ for a truly Kenyan experience. Not only will you save some shillings, but you’ll also immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, complete with booming music and vibrant conversations. Who needs carols when you’ve got the matatu playlist?

3. Weather Whiz: Pack Smart for Kenyan Christmas
Kenya’s December weather is as diverse as the gifts under the Christmas tree. Pack layers to accommodate both the sunny safaris and or the chilly highland evenings. Don’t forget a trusty umbrella – it’s your shield against unpredictable rain showers and impromptu carol sessions.

4. Pack a Culinary Surprise
Keeping hunger at bay during your safari adventures with a stash of local snacks can do the trick. You can stop by for Mahindi choma, or a smocha if that’s something that you might like. Either works! Additionally, a variety of fresh fruits will keep your energy levels up as you make your way to your travel destination.

6. Tissue Triumph: Neptune’s Nifty Surprise
Now, here’s the tip that’ll make your Christmas travels even merrier – Neptune tissue! Picture this: you’re on the road, nature calls, and you reach for your trusty tissue only to discover Neptune’s larger roll. Yes, it’s a tissue, but it’s not just any tissue.

Neptune brings you:

Larger Roll: Get more bang for your buck with a roll that outshines the competition in size.
Softer and Whiter: Because your comfort matters, Neptune uses high-quality paper for an unparalleled softness and brightness.

Glued 2-Ply Sheets: The unique glue between sheets prevents any unexpected splits, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Perforations: A special blade ensures a clean cut every time, making tearing off sheets a breeze.
Available in convenient SKUs:
1 pack
2 pack
4 pack
10 pack

Wherever you are travelling to, Christmas is the ultimate chance to travel. Hope this December will be adventure filled for you! Happy travels!

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