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Neptune Tissue and serviettes 2
Neptune Toilet Paper


We are pleased to introduce our first product within our new category of Tissue Paper. Our first launch is a high quality blended Toilet Roll under the brand name Neptune.

Did you know?

  • Larger roll – our roll is larger than the rolls in the market giving you better value for money
  • Softer and whiter – we are sourcing high quality paper, which makes our blended paper comparable to virgin paper products
  • Glued 2 ply sheets – Neptune is the only 2 ply blended tissue product on the market with a glue in between the sheets, which prevents the sheets from splitting!
  • Perforations – We are using a special blade for a clean cut every time
  • Embossing – High end plate used to create the ultimate feel
    SKUS available:
    • 1pack x 40 (40pcs)
    • 4pack x 10 (40pcs)
  • We will however continuously expand our range.
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